Dressmaking Part II

After sewing on the markers the next thing I did was carefully remove the pattern.  If you want to save it or think you might want to pass it on to someone else at some point then try hard not to tear it.  After that I did some tacking – large loose stitches to act as guide when it comes to sewing.  Again, chalk or pencil lines are ok for this as well but tacking is preferable because it helps to hold the material in place.  You could also use pins and remove them as you start to sew, but this can get a bit fiddly.

Tacking in pink thread, next to my instructions!

Tacking is quite good because the material starts to take shape, and you begin to get a vague idea of where you’re heading.  The next thing I did was to cut out and iron on facing (a stiff material which helps to give structure).  I only needed to do this for a few bits which will go around the collar/sleeves.


And finally I got to do some actually sewing with my new new sewing machine!  I sewed along the lines I had made with the pink thread and was very pleased with the result.  It is starting to look a bit more like an item clothing now which is good.  I carefully removed the pink thread, and this is the point I am up to now:



More to follow – I’m excited for the jigsaw to start coming together!



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