Creative Guilt


Click to go to my new portfolio 🙂

Hi guys, sorry to have been somewhat AWOL recently.  Reading of interesting books and quality films has been on the downhill slope, and that’s before I even get to anything that might require even the slightest bit of creative effort.  I haven’t been feeling that motivated recently, and seem to have slipped into a sad little cycle of going to work, watching TV and getting lost in the vast depths of the internet – and then repeat.  I don’t know if this is the daily grind getting me down or some wary Berlin tunnel vision kicking in, but recently I just don’t seem to have the energy – but even worse than that – the interest (!) in anything besides the afore mentioned depressing little things.

But, I do hold out some hope because things are imminently about to change in a big way.  This is a busy week for me as it happens to be my last week at work – and also my last week in the UK before I leave for Berlin.  In anticipation for restored motivation for LIFE, but especially the arty side of things I have begun to finally create an online portfolio which I will doing the basic foundation work on over the course of the next few days (when I’m not packing/working/freaking out).  I’m hoping to photograph my best pieces of work and then continue to add to it over time; hopefully it will be a good showcase of my technical skills, but also a nice thing for me personally as it’s a pleasure to see my work presented in such a nice way instead of languishing in drawers and folders under my bed.  

You can access my new portfolio (currently still called ‘portfolio’ as I have yet to come up with a name both witty and sophisticated) here  More work will be added in the coming days.


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