That time my mum was diagnosed with cancer

photo 4

Lolling on Lido and worrying about my life

So, a lot of LIFE has happened since my last post.  I left Berlin one mockingly beautiful and serene evening on an overnight train to Vienna.  In the following weeks I travelled through Austria and then Italy, sometimes thinking about what I wanted to  do in my life, mostly thinking about the wonderful places I was seeing, and enjoying the hilarious, cathartic, entertaining, and sometimes stressful-but-will-make-good-stories-later situations I was getting into.  I met some truly lovely people, and I also met my fair share of creepy ones and lonely ones and everything else on the spectrum.  My emotions were pretty wide ranging as well; from being smug and delightedly content when a wrong bus landed me in the heavy vined vinyards outside Vienna on a burnished autumnal afternoon, to sobbing in a hostel in Florence after 24 hours of travel delays and mosquito bites.  I like the immediacy of problems when you travel, chances are they will be fixed one way or another in short space of time – the wheel of fortune spins faster than usual, bedbugs and calamity in one city aren’t far from sunsets and good wine in the next.  Things change fast.

I called things a day in Venice and decided to go back to the UK to regroup and attempt to make a more solid plan for the future while my account still had enough money for this to be a reasonable possibility ie. enough to be able to move somewhere if I got an enticing job, or at least a good starting fund if I decided on further travels.  I also wanted to absorb all the activity from the past few months, write up my adventures, send emails, edit my photos, make drawings and think it out while hopefully topping up the funds.

Then.  My dad picked me up from the airport.


My mum has cancer.

I’m still processing this so I don’t have a lot to say about it right now, but I suspect that I will and I know that writing about it will help me (especially since in terms of actual talking I can barely open my mouth at the moment).

So.  In the next few weeks I will be writing about: travel, being a struggling young person – specifically some more thoughts on this post:  as it got a lot of responses (keep them coming guys, I like to hear from you!) hopefully some drawings, although I might post these on my portfolio page and . . . cancer.  Maybe.


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