Copenhagen creativity

Hi guys, here is a post from my other blog of some new work from my sketchbook inspired by my recent travels.


In September I went on a brief trip to Copenhagen and I was delighted with the colourful houses and myriad array of boats in the Nyhavn area.  Here is a drawing I made of one of my photographs with my favourite new 0.3mm pen; I really like what I have been able to produce with this pen so far!  It is much thinner than the pens I usually use so I have been able to get in a lot more intricate detail, which is something I really enjoy putting into my work although it can be frustrating at times.

As I wanted to keep the original black and white pen drawing I made a photocopy of it and was then able to add watercolour to the copy.  I have also done a little scrap-booking on adjoining page, adding some Copenhagen related things (Danish stamps, rubbings of Kroner coins, transport ticket…

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