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Mon-Fri, 9-5

Apologies for being AWOL recently, I realise that it’s been a while.  The reason for this is that I’ve dropped rather lucky with another temp agency job so I’m no longer free to fritter away my days watching obscure films, the obligatory amount of Jeremy Kyle,  crafting, drinking tea in bed . . . and updating my blog.  And when I get home I’m obviously too tired to concentrate on anything more taxing than wine and internet shopping (always a winning combination).

I’m being super well paid at the moment to do something super boring, and this has caused me to reflect on what I was doing around this time last year.  At the moment I spend all day making complicated spreadsheets and having awkward phone exchanges with people in Finland whose names I can’t pronounce.  It’s all cool in the world of my bank balance and self esteem – as in I’m actually (astonishingly!) doing that rare thing: a well paid graduate level job.  Remember those?  Unfortunately this is only a temporary position, but what a revelation to see what the world could be like . . .

This time last year I was doing something entirely pleasurable and immensely rewarding, not to mention degree related – but I wasn’t getting paid.  I was working on the restoration of some 19th century statues which were being returned to a Grade II listed building.  I saw the project right through to the end  with statues being put back up, appearing on the local evening news, and even the benefit to dinner to celebrate completion and raise money for the next restoration project – and to top it all off the project even received an award for work in the heritage sector.  At the end of my working day I could see exactly what I had done, and at the end of a project I could see what a difference my personal contribution had made.

At the moment a sense of satisfaction, alas! comes from finally completing those pesky unending spreadsheets . . . and yes, the money of course.  I suspect with this job the sense of satisfaction will come from the knowledge that I worked hard for the money that I will spend on summer travels – rather than satisfaction at having created something I think is beautiful.  As you may have noticed I tend to lean towards the creative industries where possible, but I’ll do whatever comes my way in present circumstances.  I suppose a trade off between money and doing something you actually like is more commonly referred to as the real world.


Bathtime with the statues