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Permanent Austerity and the 99%

I wanted to share this article by Ruth Hardy from the Guardian following David Cameron’s speech about his ‘commitment to the cause of permanent austerity’ at the Lord Mayor’s banquet last week.  I thought it was particularly interesting as it had been written by a young intern who was moonlighting as a waitress at the event.  It’s nice to hear the voices of young people in the press, and it’s always good to hear from the 99% – I thought her perspective was very interesting:

It was hard to stomach David Cameron preaching austerity from a golden throne
As a waitress at the lord mayor’s banquet, the contrast between what Cameron was saying and where he was saying it felt particularly chilling

At a state banquet for the new Lord Mayor on Monday, David Cameron gave a speech about his commitment to the cause of permanent austerity. He stood up to speak from a golden chair, and read his notes from a golden lectern.

As it happens, I was at the banquet too and heard the news about permanent spending cutbacks for myself. Sadly I was not there as a dignitary, a foreign diplomat, a captain of industry or the director of a big City firm. I was there as a waitress. The contrast between what he was saying and where he was saying it seemed initially almost too laughable to get worked up about. But actually, it reflected something chilling in Cameron’s attitude towards the people he purports to be working for.

Please follow this link for the rest of the article: http://cur.lv/5ghkl

David Cameron at Lord Mayor's Banquet

Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex Features (via The Guardian)